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Charlotte Rebecca

Public Speaking and Confidence Coach

Empowering you, to become the best and most confident version of yourself.

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My name is Charlotte Rebecca 

I have a strong passion to help build confidence and the ability to speak in front of others, whether that is in an interview, a wedding speech, presentation at work or just to build their confidence on their self-development journey.  

I have come from the same fear and anxiety of speaking in front of others. Through my learning and experiences and I have found that having the right space and a very understanding teacher to help can make the world of a difference.  

I have a background in having worked within multiple offices and understand the anxiety and fear that surrounds giving presentations and the pressure that we put ourselves under. Having made a decision to change careers, I retrained in Acting with a BA HONS from Bath Spa University. This was one of the best decisions I ever made as I was able to deepen my knowledge and understanding of Acting which also helped to strengthen transferable skills that I can teach and help others with. 
I have most recently got certified as a Practitioner and coach in NLP, Hypnotherapy and TimeLine Therapy®. 

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