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Welcome to my first post!

Updated: Apr 24

First I just want to say hello and welcome to my first blog post.

Well, what a journey it has been so far to finally get to this point. I have struggled with waiting for the right time, wanting to get the posts, the website, myself and who I am to a perfect place where I feel confident enough to finally post, launch a website and actually start taking on clients. I've worried about what others will say about me and what if it doesn't go to plan or even if it doesn't go anywhere, what happens if I make an absolute fool and embarrass myself?!

During the last couple of months I have been helping out within my boyfriend' company, working with them on getting their website set up and ready to launch. It's been hard work as they have hundreds of products to get set on the website with some long nights, but I found that more recently while working with them on the website that, somehow it was motivating me to get mine done, how strange! So I finally got to work, I started to put the time and hours into working on my website, looking at what I want to put out there and what I wanted to be and represent.

I want this to be a fun filled, empowering, calm and safe space we can learn and grow together.

I absolutely love learning about people, where they have come from but more importantly where they want to go in their journey. What I have noticed, even with myself, is a reoccurring issue, that we stand in our own way, worrying about the negative 'what if's'.

But how often do we look at the positive 'what if's'?

When was the last time you thought about a situation or a dream and you thought a positive 'what if' about it?

I'd love to know what your positive 'what if' is about a current situation/dream you have.

Charlotte Rebecca xx

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